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Lenovo IdeaPad repairs

Lenovo IdeaPad RepairsCreative IT provides Lenovo IdeaPad repairs to all Lenovo IdeaPad users in London and the UK. We deal with any hardware or software related issues of out of warranty IdeaPad or those that have been affected by accidental damages. Our computer maintenance and support services are suitable for the following Lenovo IdeaPad models:

Lenovo IdeaPad S series ultra light: S9, S10, S10e, S10-2, S10-3, S10-3t, S12

Lenovo IdeaPad Y series wide screens: Y310, Y330, Y410, Y430, Y450, Y460, Y510, Y530, Y550, Y560, Y650, Y710, Y730

Lenovo IdeaPad U series ultra mobile: U110, U150, U330, U350, U450p, U1, U160, U460, U460s

Leonovo IdeaPad V series small business laptop: V460

Lenovo IdeaPad Z series affordable multimedia: Z360, Z560, Z565

Most common Lenovo IdeaPad faults

The IdeaPad, one of the latest additions to the Lenovo range of notebooks, is a high quality and sturdy netbook. There are, nevertheless, a number of very common faults and accidental damages affecting the IdeaPad in the same way they affect other brands of laptops.

For example, Creative IT will replace a Lenovo IdeaPad cracked screen within 30 minutes. We have a large stock of original screens including 17 inch, 16 inch, 10.2 inch and 8.9 inch screens that can be fitted on Lenovo netbooks.

Liquid damages on the keyword are another common occurrence for laptop. Creative IT will disassemble the laptop and check for any liquid damage on the motherboard. In most cases, only the keyboard will have to be replaced.

Hard drives are also susceptible to failure after a shock or after 18 to 24 months of usage. Creative IT can replace all Lenovo IdeaPad hard drives on a same day basis. We can replace 80 GB, 160 GB or 320 GB hard drives like for like or take the opportunity to upgrade the hard drive for another bigger one. If necessary, Creative IT's technicians also perform data recovery on the faulty hard drive; they are specialised in physical data file recovery using the latest data recovery tools and anti-static clean room.

Like all other netbooks, Lenovo IdeaPad can be affected by display problems due to overheating. Creative IT can perform high quality reflow should the IdeaPad suffer from a graphics card issue.

Finally, we always recommend a good maintenance on these laptops to make sure their life expectancy is increased. An annual check up consisting of a good cleaning of all the vents, the application of thermopaste on the fans and removal of unnecessary can increase the speed of the Lenovo IdeaPad and prevent potentially expensive repairs in the future.

Trust Creative IT for all your Lenovo IdeaPad repairs

Creative IT has years of experience as a laptop repair company in the UK. We repair all makes and models of laptops as well as PC, servers and other electronic devices. Our state of the art computer repair centre is conveniently located in Central London.

Our opening hours are Monday to Saturday from 0900 until 1800. Most laptop repairs are carried out as a walk in service. Lenovo IdeaPad repairs, troubleshooting and diagnostics can be done while you wait. We aim to get all our repairs completed within 24 hours.

Customers unable to come in person can take advantage of our collection and delivery service. Your Lenovo IdeaPad will be collected from your home or office within 24 hours and returned in full working order as soon as possible.

For more information about Creative IT's Lenovo IdeaPad repair services and support in London and all over the UK, you can call our customer service desk on 020 7237 6805 or email