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PS3 repair Bermondsey

PlayStation 3 owners in Bermondsey, London SE1 and SE16, can get their game console while they wait by Creative IT.Our game console repair centre is conveniently located off Tower Bridge road and is open six days a week. PS3 repairs are usually done within 40 minutes including troubleshooting and repair.

Most common faults with PS3 consoles

One of the most common faults affecting PS3 is an issue with overheating after 12 to 18 months of usage. The fan, which becomes dusty over time, doesn't perform his duty as it should. The CPU overheats and the graphic chip on the board starts having dry joints. It moves on the main circuit board, creating a technical fault. The diagnostic of this fault, called YLOD - Yellow Light of Death - is easy with a flashing yellow light showing next to the power switch. Creative IT game console technicians use an infra red resoldering workstation with a camera that allows the repair of the fault with 30 minutes.

Another common problem with PS3 is the Blu-Ray which often needs replacement when the game console doesn't read discs any longer. Creative IT has a large stock of Blu-Ray lasers and is able to fix this problem on the spot.As well as PlayStation 3 repair, Creative IT provides maintenance and support of all Sony PlayStation game consoles in Bermondsey including PSP and PS2. We also fix other brands and models such as Xbox 360, Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii.

How to get your PS3 repaired in Bermondsey?

To get your PS3 repaired in Bermondsey, you can drop it to our repair centre on Willow Walk, Monday to Saturday from 0900 until 1800. For more information on our game console repairs, call 020 7237 6805 or email us at